A Brief History

The Moulin a Vent in Saint Cyr Des Gats...


Was built in 1885 and provided local people and businesses with flour for many years. In 1975 the original workings were removed and the building was changed from a working windmill into, what can very loosely be termed as a residence!


The windmill was put up for sale and remained without a buyer for five years. During the big storm of the millenium, one set of sails was blown off and she looked to be in a sorry state.


I purchased the mill in June 2001 and the long arduos process of renovating it began. The original plan was to give it a quick make over, however it soon became aparent that this was not going to be possible as all of the wood was decayed.


The interior was completely removed and you could see from the basement right up into the conical roof. Specialist tradesmen had to be brought in to deal with the unusual room dimensions. New Oak flooring was installed and the mill stone removed to make way for the bathroom. The interior walls had to be cleaned of all loose stone and then replaced with traditional lime render.


Three years after the commencement of the work, the new roof was started. Despite the Vendee being littered with derelict windmills, there are no longer many dedicated roofing contractors that can deal with round buildings and materials such as hand made Chestnut tiles!


This delay caused many difficulties, not least the loss of grant funding...nevertheless, new wooden tiles were put on in the heatwave of 2003.


The Moulin received a new exterior coat of lime render in October 2008 and now looks a million miles away from the wreck that I bought.